My name is Scott, aka “Fuzzy” aka “Foshizzle.” I’m a guy that works from home and is addicted to all things Apple, Amazon, and technology in general. My Amazon wish list is miles-long. This website was created to showcase reviews in exchange for products..but it’s mostly just a dormant server of funny cat photos now.

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Why the nicknames?

Well, “Foshizzle” was first given to me after one incredible costume party in college many years ago. I dressed up as Rick Ross’ nerdy white cousin, Kevin Ross, (think argyle sweater, khakis, and a thick gold chain) who just couldn’t get the gangster life quite right..muttering “foshizzle..” repeatedly.

When I got a job at Apple, customers started searching for and adding me on Facebook and other social networks. That is no bueno. ..Seriously, major stalker vibes from some of them. So..I added “Foshizzle” in the middle of my name to throw off their searches..and it kinda stuck. People called me Foshizzle and still do. It’s become my online identity.. If you see a user commenting under the name “foshizzle” or “fosh1zzle” anywhere..especially Reddit, it’s most likely me.

What about “Fuzzy?”

A coworker gave me this nickname, and I liked it! As a big  guy with a bodacious beard, I thought it was fitting. Plus, it’s catchier than “Foshizzle.”

Or you can just call me Scott..you do you, man.

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