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The first thing I noticed about this product was its quality. It’s made a step above the rest. The tendons/bones looked to be meaty and ..the only other word I can think of for them..succulent (LOL.) If I were a dog, I’d go nuts over just the look of them. The bully sticks were also well made and a huge hit! These will be in my cart again! I like that they’re all-beef..when many other treats use a grain or corn filler, it’s nice to see a product that’s looking out for our pets’ best interest rather than “how cheap can we make these.” You can really tell a difference, and so can they. Just check the video to see their reaction!



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Review: Christianity and Cosmic Consciousness: A Commentary on the Words of Jesus


Christianity and Cosmic Consciousness:

A Commentary on the Words of Jesus

“Born in the Ukraine, educated in Munich, and having practiced medicine in the United States, author Alexis Georg Hoen has been exposed to widely differing political systems and religious beliefs, and he has always maintained an interest as to the origin of these beliefs and their relation to the innermost nature of man. In Christianity and Cosmic Consciousness, he interprets the words and the sacrifice of Jesus as pointing the way toward a realization of our innermost nature-the will to live and love that exists within all. Sharing his experiences and ideas about Christ’s words and sacrifices, Hoen uses personal anecdotes and biblical examples to illustrate the nature of Christian belief. He provides a host of examples, including key illustrations from the Bible and relevant source material from other writers who address this topic. He shows us that through sacrifice we live in and for others. That is eternal life. Christianity and Cosmic Consciousness represents the core of Christian teaching without resorting to the supernatural and miraculous, yet doesn’t try to disprove it.”

The author takes on a philosophical and academic approach of the teachings of Jesus Christ in a clear and concise manner.

Alexis Georg Hoen’s Christianity and Cosmic Consciousness: A Commentary on the Words of Jesus combines the laws of the universe, the very energy that governs it and us, and combines them with the concept of God being this all-ruling, all-knowing power. I would say that he goes as far as to bring the concept of agnosticism much closer to that of Christianity.

The author, who is incredibly well-traveled, educated, and well-rounded academic and doctor discusses how Christianity is not the enemy of the cosmos like some believe, but rather, the gateway to a supreme cosmic consciousness. He discusses how Christian principles, like humility, are the very fabrics of energy that drive us. He states that without understanding that one must believe in something bigger than themselves, the world will be destroyed. Very compelling stuff. Hoen goes on to state that Jesus Christ is the way to come to terms with the fact that though we are small in the universe, our energy that we emit is vast, and how best to use that energy.

When people use the words like “energy” and “consciousness,” they come across as a little coo coo. Not this author. His arguments are thought out, coherent, and convincing. He brings modern approaches to ancient teachings and tales, like miracles. Rather than trying to disprove them, he rationalizes them, in a positive way. He attributes them and relates them to the teachings of Jesus. His concept on “original sin” discusses that rather it being a ticket to hell, it’s more of a static or balance, even a force that drives us away from ourselves and each other. We are called to be universal with each other, open, but instead, we give in to our disordered desires, which creates this tensity between us. He goes on to state that it’s in our nature and that it is an essential part of life, to be “a part” of this world and “apart” from it at the same time.  I found that part quite profound.

Hoen creates these concise arguments using the teachings of Jesus, including the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, as well as books from around the world. He manages to weave in these philosophical arguments using texts from eastern spiritual leaders, Catholic saints, even some books from America’s founding fathers. With these, he creates a clear concept and philosophy on how the world should operate and how we should operate on a personal level. His discusses are well-written, to the point where you believe that his ideas and concepts are obtainable.

The book itself is made well, with a sturdy, glossy cover with aesthetically pleasing cover art. The author bio showcases a brief summary and picture. The table of contents, bibliography, and overall layout is well thought out and organized efficiently. There are little-to-no grammatical or spelling errors. I tried my best to read this book as a reviewer, rather than the practicing Catholic that I am. I had a difficult time doing that as the authors’ compelling arguments suck you in and caused me to debate and consider some of his opinions. Whether you’re soul searching, exploring your faith, or just looking to read more about religion, this is a great read. For those of us that are well-grounded in our faith, this provides a refreshing opinion into something we take so seriously.

I recommend it.

4/5 Fuzzies



Visit the author’s website here.


Disclosure: This article is not an endorsement, but a review. The seller  provided this item to me for free in exchange for an honest review. I do not make any guarantee that a product will receive a positive review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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